The perfect time at Disneyland Paris

Who follows me on Instagram has noticed: My dream of Disneyland Paris has come true. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of visiting this wonderful, magical place. And what should I say? These two days were really wonderful, breathtaking and full of magic. Of course, to give you some of my past visit, I’ll give you a few tips here, so that your visit will be full of magic and not full of stress.

1. Prepare a plan in advance

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a fan of plans and always have one. Sometimes they open, sometimes not. But that is not bad at all, because a plan automatically gives you an overview of a situation. Find a map of the park or download the Disneyland Paris app. Mark there then the rides that you want to drive in any case. Depending on how long and what time you are there, there is not enough time for all the rides, especially on your first visit, when everything is new and overwhelming.

2. Bring enough snacks with you

As you can imagine, the food in the theme parks is quite expensive. For a menu consisting of burger, fries and softdrink you are about 25 € going on and at peak times it is almost impossible to get anything if you have not reserved. In addition, the food in the Disneyland Paris tasted not very good reputation, but I did not have any experience of that. It is best to bring snacks and “vespers” to the park, as there is no problem with the admission. In the parks there are small seating areas with tables and chairs where you can relax and have a good meal. Proven with us proven sandwiches; Sandwiches with the well-known, small, round, red cheese; Cereal bars and biscuits.

3. Bring a small, refillable bottle

In the Disney Parks, there are small drinking fountains everywhere, where you can fill your bottles with fresh water. This saves money and weight in the backpack. But I clearly recommend small 0.5l bottles, as larger ones are hard to fill due to the angle of the fountain.

4. Put on comfortable clothes

In one day you can easily walk 15,000 steps, as comfortable clothing and good footwear is of great importance. Flip flops are in my opinion not recommended, rather put on comfortable espadrilles or sneakers. By the way: Although it should be obvious, barefoot in the park is prohibited, even if you treat yourself to a short break. When it rains you should of course take weatherproof clothing, since you will spend a lot of time outside.

5. Set a budget

Unlike the Europa Park in Rust, the cottages are not empty, but always expanded – with shops. You could leave your full annual salary in the shops, the offer is breathtaking. There is almost nothing that does not exist about Mickey & Co., so it is best to make a budget before your visit that you will not exceed. Otherwise, the visit can quickly be much more expensive than made.

6. Use package deals

Often you can save a bit more, because there is usually some extra discount on package deals. It may also be worthwhile to stay a day longer, because the surcharge in comparison is often not high.

7. Compare the prices of the tickets

Take the ever-changing offers, such as the park entrance to children’s price. In addition, it cloud be worth at the third park visit within a year to think about an annual pass. There are various cards with different benefits.

8. Do not miss the parades and shows

Be sure to check the parade schedule early and look for a seat at Mainstreet at least half an hour before. The same applies to the Disney Illuminations Show at Parkschluss, but you should be at least 1.5 hours before the start on the square in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. If you still have time, be sure to check out “Mickey and the Magician” at Walt Disney Studio Park: Just breathtaking, tears came to our eyes because it was so beautiful!

9. Be nice to the other visitors

Finally, a tip that will hopefully be taken for granted. I’ve noticed that people are really getting stuffed by this Disney magic and are very friendly and polite to each other. Apart from a few exceptions, they really paid attention to each other and respected. Please also keep it to her and enjoy your stay in this magical place.

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? What were your experiences and what tips do you have?

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