My all-time makeup favorites

Each of us has products in his cosmetic bag, which you have been using for many years day after day and always buys back because they are so great. Nevertheless, there are certainly some – and I count myself – again and again looking for even better products or just novelties that keep their promises. I would like to introduce you to my favorite make-up favorites, which I am always enthusiastic about and that I like to use – despite the full make-up storage.

Naked 3 Eyeshadow-palette – Urban Decay

ca. 54 €

Urban Decay’s Naked palettes have been hyped up for years by a variety of bloggers, creators and make-up artists, and I think they’re definitely worth the hype. The consistency of the eyeshadow is slightly buttery, the pigmentation high. The colors of each pallet are perfectly matched and can be blended into each other super. I vary between the individual palettes depending on the mood and season, but I prefer the Naked 3, because the colors are so perfect for green, but also for blue and brown eyes. Sometimes dull, sometimes with shimmer or glitter – perfect for any occasion.


Love Light Highlighter „Ray of Light“ – Too Faced

ca. 28 €

Alone the packaging of this highlighter is a real eye-catcher. It reminds me of the brooch of my childhood hero “Sailor Moon”. The pigmentation is not too strong, which I find very important in highlighters, as this can make one look very fast like a mirror ball. But it’s easy to set up and gives you a choice of how much shimmer you want to wear. The color fits perfectly with the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette and light skin tones.


Blush „Pinched“ – NYX


I just had to realize that there is not much to buy this great blush. Actually, my favorite rouge is the “Bella Bamba” by Benefit, but unfortunately it was taken out of the assortment years ago. Back then, I went in search of a good dupe and got stuck in this great copy of NYX. Luckily, this blush lasts for half an eternity, despite daily use. The pigmentation is not too strong, so you can also build this beautiful, to find the perfect level of pigmentation.


Matte Lipstick „Whipped Caviar“ – NYX

ca. 8 €

X-Treme Last Lipliner „59Y – Love Rosy“ – Manhattan

ca. 2 €

This combination of lip liner and lipstick I wear both in everyday life as well as on special occasions. The color is a mixture of nude and rosewood and fits perfectly with any skin tone. In addition, this combination with a total of about 10 € in my opinion really cheap. For all high-end lovers: “Whipped Caviar” is a great dupe to MAC’s “faux” lipstick.


Bronzer “Hoola” – Benefit

ca. 34 €

I do not have to say much about this bronzer, because he is the long-time favorite among bronzers. Everyone has it – everyone loves it. The perfect tone for contouring, as it is neither reddish nor has any glimmer or even glitter particles in it. The pack lasts forever, because the last 4 years I used a travel size and it only went empty a few weeks ago. For the very pale beauties among you, there is now also a “Hoola lite”, which is again a whole bit brighter, but unfortunately I can not say anything yet.


Wunderbrow “Blonde” – Wunder2 

ca. 30 €

It is well known, “The eyebrows are the frame of the face.” And a picture can be so beautiful: If the frame does not look nice, the whole picture does not work either. Eyebrows can change a look completely and provide more expressiveness. Since I have naturally very, very bright eyebrows, which one can guess unvarnished and undyed only, I love this product. With the narrow brush, the eyebrows are precisely tightened and combed out with the brush for more naturalness. The color “blonde” is neither too red, nor too gray, but just perfect. It keeps you rock solid all day without smearing and the best for the coming hot summer days: it’s waterproof! I carry it since our vacation in Italy two years ago almost every day and just do not want to give it up anymore.


“Better than Sex” Mascara – Too Faced

ca. 23 €

As with the highlighter, the packaging of this mascara is already a real gem, which is why the products of Too Faced appeal to me again and again. In combination with super quality, this brand is definitely one of my favorites. The mascara simply gets the best out of the eyelashes: great length, beautiful density, yet wonderfully separated and not glued. For the pool days in summer, the waterproof version in travel size also has a permanent place in my cosmetics bag.


Precision eyelash curler in rosé gold – Tweezerman

in a set with tweezers and pouches ca. 48 €

For many years I had the classic eyelash curler by dm in use, which probably has every second woman in Germany. But over time, I noticed that the eyelashes are bent at the beginning, but this result does not last long. Through research, I came across the eyelash curler of Tweezerman. Unfortunately, it is far from the price of the eyelash curler, but in my opinion, this investment is worthwhile. You change his pliers so almost no, but only the small rubbers and the result is worlds better. You can already tell when handling that this eyelash shaper is much heavier than the dm version and it adapts better to my eye shape. With the dm version, unfortunately, I never got to my outer eyelashes at once. A plus point is still there for the design: The rose gold looks classy and fits perfectly with my style.


Liquid Camouflage “005 Light Natural” – Catrice Cosmetics

ca. 4 €

Those who struggle with strong dark circles or shimmering veins will love this concealer as much as I – promise! The color selection is great, the price-performance ratio unbeatable. And here too the plus point for the summer: waterproof, therefore portable in the pool.


Total Control Drop Foundation “Alabaster” – NYX 

ca. 16 €

The best foundation color selection in the drugstore area can be found from this make-up of NYX. From Snow White-white to deep-dark – everyone finds their perfect hue here and if not, the Foundations can be mixed together perfectly. The very fluid Kosistenz can blend perfectly, build up and does not maskenhaft even after several layers. There is also a wonderfully natural matt finish. Due to the light texture, the foundation does not feel like a second, but like your own skin. With a suitable primer underneath, the make-up will last until after work.


Superliner “Black Lacquer” waterproof – L’Oreal

ca. 6 €

For over 10 years my favorite eyeliner ever. The lace is wonderfully fine, so that a precise eyeliner can be drawn perfectly. I do not want to say now, it is “very easy”, because anyone who has already drawn a white line knows: this is anything but “very easy”, but with a little practice feasible. With this liner, it’s easier for me to get the perfect swing, and this even holds through danced nights, thanks to the waterproof formula.


What are your favorite products that you use most often? Maybe even one of my favorites?

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