Favorite healthy breakfast: Porridge

According to a BMEL nutrition report from the year 2017, 97% of Germans buy what they like. (Source: bmel.de) Thus, almost every German consumes what he likes to eat. Often these are foods like meat, pasta, pizza and sweets. But each of us knows that eating these foods alone is unhealthy and therefore we should eat a balanced diet.

How well that there are also foods that are healthy and delicious. An example of this is my beloved porridge, also called “oatmeal”, or in German “porridge”. It consists of healthy cereal flakes, calcium-containing milk or for the calorie counter among us – water, delicious fruit in variations according to your own taste and can be refined with seeds and sweetener. I can reassure those who would not call themselves a star chef and are worried about the effort: It’s very easy and very quick.

My favorite recipe


  • 60 – 80 g Oatmeal (I like to mix with melted flakes)
  • 20 – 30 g vanilla protein powder
  • Milk or water
  • Flavor powder or Flavdrops
  • Fruits at will

The oatmeal, the protein powder (I always use this one) and the flavor powder (perfect complement), I mix in a small bowl before and then give this mixture in a small pot. The whole I fill up with so much milk or water, that the dry mixture is just so covered. Then I let it boil with constant stirring until it is slightly liquid than the desired consistency. If I take Flavdrops (favorite variety) – and not a flavor powder – I’m only mixing it down now. Then put the mixture in a bowl and let stand briefly.

Meanwhile, I cut my fruits, which I have just in the house in small pieces and garnish the oatmeal according to desire and time. Nutmeg or chopped nuts are also very good and contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which are important for the functions of our body.

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