Dyson Airwrap Complete – My honest review after 30 days

Those interested in hair and beauty and / or follow various “beauty gurus” on the various social media platforms probably could not avoid this novelty: the Dyson Airwrap. Also, I succumbed to the hype and wanted to test this consistently sold out innovation and make my own picture of it.

But what is this “Dyson Airwrap” actually and what is the extraordinary about it? The Dyson Airwrap is a multifunctional hairstyling tool with the “Coandă effect” developed by Dyson and that is also the special feature of this tool: This effect controls the air to automatic pull the hair to the attachment, which makes the whole hair styling much easier.

However, since this device costs just under € 500.00 in the Complete Set, the enthusiasm of some is limited. In my opinion, understandable, because how many of us can quickly make 500,00 € loosely, without it hurts somehow? I do not belong to these people, despite having a well-paid full-time job, so I really need to be 100% confident that I spend so much money on something – whether I save for it or not. Dyson is well aware of this and therefore offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the Dyson Airwrap, so you have enough time to convince yourself of this little luxury tool. And here we come to my opinion after nearly 30 days of testing.

The Dyson Airwrap comes in a very noble, if somewhat bulky, leather case in a warm shade of brown. In it is a practical with a kind of velvet-covered division, so that each essay finds its place. The complete set contains all available attachments. Who decides against one of the smaller sets, has so far unfortunately no way to reorder these essays individually.


Below I present you the various essays, their handling and the results on my hair. Short to my hair structure: I have quite a few, but – by the constant Nachsträhnen – fine hair on the head. I have hardly any steps in the cut and the length they reach me just above the chest. With so many hairs, styling is very important – especially when using the Dyson Airwraps. The best effect is obtained when the hair is in a towel-dried state.

 1. The hair dryer attachment


First of all, I have tested this essay only once briefly, because the other essays dry the hair as well. However, this essay is great for pre-drying the hair – especially the neck – when they are still pretty wet. It should be noted that the air comes from the gray and not the pink part. There are 3 different levels of airflow and 3 different levels of heat, which are independently selectable. The power is quite high for this little essay and therefore you really have to be careful that you do not blow dry for too long and your hair gets too dry for further styling.

 2. The curling attachment

The Complete set contains four curling attachments (in two different sizes). These are printed with arrows in each case in a different direction, which serves the fact that you do not have to take any strange body postures for styling the hair or even be a member of the gymnastics club, as is known in conventional curling irons. For each page you simply take another essay and can always hold and operate the device as usual. In these essays you can see the special “Coandă effect” best, because here are the individual hair strands automatically “absorbed”. The only initial difficulty here is the rethinking: From conventional curling irons we are used to holding the strand of hair at the top and then winding it up. Here it is different: you take the strand approximately in the middle between your fingers and hold the Airwrap to the hair tips just zoom. The rest is done by the tool by itself. After drying, push the power button upwards for a built-in “cool-shot”, so that the curl is cooled down a little and does not hang up so quickly. Then turn off the airwrap and remove from the lock of hair. So you go strand by strand.

 3. The brush attachments

These two essays differ in the strength of the bristles. The attachment without nubs is suitable for a smoother result and the attachment with nubs rather for a smooth blow-out style. These two essays I was very happy to use for pre-drying, as the hair is already brushed and I had the feeling that the hair had later received more shine. For the smooth look, I split my hair and then pulled strand by strand through the brush, over medium heat and with a small amount of air. For the beautiful “hairdresser-blow-out” look, I brushed my hair roughly over my head and then pulled strand after strand over the brush over medium heat and medium air. The brush attachments are also really easy to clean, because you can simply pluck out the individual fancy hair or use such a brush cleaning tool for a few euros from the drugstore. The individual bristles have not bent in my test phase or anything in the way.

 4. The volume attachment

This attachment turns the Airwrap into a round brush. This is very valuable to me, because every time I have the feeling that my arms fall off when I try to blow dry my hair with a round brush. Pretty uncomfortable positions and it just takes way too long until my hair is dry. With the Dyson Airwrap, I have a maximum of 30 minutes for wet hair needed and my arms are still there 😉 Again, the “cool shot” is very important, because the hair is just optimally cool and hairstyle sitting just as fresh after the styling. If you want the tips a bit more defined, you can simply screw these in again separately with the larger curling attachment.

My conclusion

But now to the important question: Is the Dyson Airwrap really worth € 500.00? All I can say is that everyone has to decide for themselves. For me, this tool has become really essential, because it saves me so much time and I have the feeling that my hair feel a lot better and just always look perfect. Regular curling or smoothing with conventional tools unfortunately simply damages the hair structure in the long run, as it usually uses at least 160 °C (for comparison: the Dyson Airwrap comes to 90 °C) and this high temperature comes into direct contact with the hair. The numerous compliments for the always super-looking hair are just wonderful for the soul, but also an expensive balm. But if I now compare how long I have my current hair straightener, hair dryer and curling iron already and how expensive each tool was, I would say that the price-performance ratio of Airwrap is right. Dyson offers a 2 year warranty, which is normal in Germany. I’m still thinking for myself if I want to spend so much money on a styling tool, but I tend to Pro Dyson, Contra piggy bank;)

Postscript (25.09.2019): I have actually decided for the Dyson Airwrap, because he has made my everyday life much easier and I am much faster and gentler done.


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