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Dress For Less – Style-Crush: Fallon Carrington

People who know me know that I am a series junkie. I have an app on my smartphone so I keep track of all the series, because there are just too many. One of my current favorite series is “Denver Clan” on Netflix – if only because of the fantastic outfits. Unfortunately, these are not…

Dyson Airwrap Complete – My honest review after 30 days

Those interested in hair and beauty and / or follow various “beauty gurus” on the various social media platforms probably could not avoid this novelty: the Dyson Airwrap. Also, I succumbed to the hype and wanted to test this consistently sold out innovation and make my own picture of it. But what is this “Dyson…

My all-time makeup favorites

Each of us has products in his cosmetic bag, which you have been using for many years day after day and always buys back because they are so great. Nevertheless, there are certainly some – and I count myself – again and again looking for even better products or just novelties that keep their promises….